Some states have made it very difficult for gun owners by implementing strict laws.  As a result, Mr. Big Guns will not ship anything to AK, CA, CT, HI, IL, NJ, NY, MD, RI or Washington DC.  Mr. Big Guns has chosen to do this in an effort to protect all parties.

Mr. Big Guns only accepts U.S. dollars for payment of goods and services.  Mr. Big Guns does not export any of its goods and services outside of the U.S.  All product warranty questions and concerns must be addressed with the manufacturer.  Mr. Big Guns does not offer any warranty on any product it sells.  Mr. Big Guns has no responsibility for the products it sells once it has been shipped.  It is the customer’s responsibility to use every product purchased from Mr. Big Guns in a safe and law abiding manner.  Mr. Big Guns is not responsible for any loss due to use or misuse of any of the products it sells.

Mr. Big Guns is not responsible for damages to products during shipping.  All shipping matters must be taken up with the actual shipping company (Fed Ex, USPS, UPS etc.).  DO NOT proceed with the transfer of a serialized product if it was damaged during shipping.  Contact Mr. Big Guns immediately.

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